BP plc (NYSE:BP) Sulfur Leak

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BP plc (NYSE:BP) has reported a chemical leak at its Cherry Point, Washington, refinery.

BP plc (NYSE:BP) shares were at 43.68 at the end of the day’s trading on 12/20/2010. There’s been a 13.7% change in the stock price over the past 3 months.

BP plc (NYSE:BP) Sulfur Leak

BP plc (NYSE:BP) has released an unknown quantity of sulfur dioxide at its Cherry Point refinery in Washington, according to two filings to the National Response Center.

The report said that the release of sulfur dioxide to the low pressure flare was caused due to maintenance activity. U.S. refineries must notify the center if they release hazardous substances in excess of reportable quantities, according to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, known as Superfund.

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BP plc (NYSE:BP) Analyst Advice
Consensus Opinion: Hold
Mean recommendation: 2.36
(1=Strong Buy, 5=Strong Sell)
3 Months Ago: 2.46
Zack’s Rank: 3 out of 16 in the industry

We will be monitoring the BP plc (NYSE:BP) share price for changes over the next couple of weeks.

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