Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) Leading Internet Revolution

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Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) has decided to participate in the 24 hour World IPv6 trial.

Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) Leading Internet Revolution

Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) will join many international companies which are participating in a 24 hour IPv6 day trial to demonstrate the next generation internet protocol scheduled for release June 8th.

The program was sponsored by the internet society for further deployment and widespread enablement of IPv6.

IPv6 is necessary as the internet is now using the IP addresses of the IPv4 standard.

The other participants include Yahoo, Google, Mozilla, Facebook, etc.

The director of network technology for Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) Lee Howard said, “We’re working hard to make IPv6 available to our customers. All transitions have risks, and we’re glad to be working together to minimize those risks with this significant test.”

Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) company shares are currently standing at 36.69.

Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) Leading Internet Revolution
Price History
Last Price: 36.69
52 Week Low / High: 27.99 / 37.08
50 Day Moving Average: 32.94
6 Month Price Change %: 18.1%
12 Month Price Change %: 30.0%

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